File sharing and torrent downloads

Technology Services is aware of recent issues with the 'Cairn-Internet' wireless connection.The issue seems to be related to heavy torrent traffic. The use peer-to-peer software (including torrents) is not permitted on the university network. Such software, not only causes problems for the rest of the community, but also poses a security risk for your computeralong with legal ramifications for sharing copyrighted material. 

Discounted software from Microsoft

Microsoft offers discounted software for students for academic use. The software can be downloaded directly from Microsoft and is not provided by or exclusive to Cairn. Additionally, recently Microsoft seems to allow students to download Office 365 for free. Check this link using your Cairn email.

Technology Services staff are offering a service to the Cairn community. We will backup your data, install the new operating system and restore your data in the case of upgrading your operating system or installing Office. This will be done on the staff's own time for a flat fee of $40.00. TS will need the license code you are given at the time of purchase. If you are interested in this deal, please first purchase the software from Microsoft and then contact us at



What Computer Should I Buy?

A lot of times, I am asked what computer to buy if one is starting as a student. The answer depends on what the user prefers. All of the student resources are accessible from any web browser. So pretty much any computer with a web browser will do, provided it has sufficient memory and CPU power for browsing.

Below are the minimum recommended specifications if you are considering buying a new computer:

Other than these specs, it depends on what type of computer one prefers (Windows vs. Mac). Macs are highly desired by students and are nice. However, they tend to be more expensive.

If choosing a PC, Dell or Toshiba laptops are a good choice.  When choosing Toshiba, the Tecra or Portege line is the best. They are more reliable and a good value for the money. I personally prefer the lighter laptops (Toshiba Portege R8xx models) and if I had to buy one today, I would get the Portege R83x series. It weighs only 3.2 lbs. and has a DVD-RW and 13.3" LCD screen.

If you have any questions on a laptop you are considering to purchase, feel free to contact or the TS Helpdesk.