Minimum Technology Requirements for Cairn Online Courses

Cairn’s online courses provide innovative and convenient access to learning from anywhere through the use of technology. Typical course tasks such as accessing the course resources, posting assignments, taking quizzes and participating in interactive activities are doable by anyone from anywhere. Thus, in order to succeed and make the most out of your Cairn online education, it is important you have sufficient Internet bandwidth and your computer meets the following minimum requirements.



A desktop computer or laptop (PC or Mac) with the following minimum specifications:

  • 2GHz (Core Duo) processor or better
  • 3GB RAM or greater
  • 160GB hard drive or larger
  • High speed Internet connection of 5 MB/s or better (check your speed here)
  • 1024x768 resolution monitor or greater
  • Sound card with speakers and microphone (or headset with microphone input)
  • Webcam (built-in or external)
  • DVD drive (optional)
  • Inkjet or laser printer (optional)

Important Note: While most of the course activities may work, Chromebooks and mobile tablets (including Microsoft Surface RT) are not fully supported for Cairn online courses. Students are still required to have a regular computer.



  • Windows 7 or later OR Mac OS 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or later
  • Microsoft Office 2007 or later (PC) or Office 2008 or later (MAC)
  • One or more of the following browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome* (recommended), Internet Explorer, Apple Safari 10.0 or later
  • Adobe Reader DC or later
  • Adobe Flash plugin 25 or later
  • Ability to add plug-ins to your browser
  • Local administrative privileges to the computer (for required software installations)
  • eMail account (Your Cairn email account) must be checked throughout the week.



  • See the course syllabus as particular courses may require additional software and technology.


See this procedure to lookup your computer specifications and these additional FAQs about online courses at Cairn.

If you have any questions about these requirements, please contact or (215) 702-4554 or 'live help' (green button) on the bottom left on any eLearning page.