CLA Information Security in the Digital Age

Thank you for attending the CLA Infomation Security in the Digital Age session at Cairn University on May 9, 2013!

Below is the PowerPoint presented at the meeting along with other reports, examples and a video presentation.


Resources for the attendees



Examples of identity theft dangers and consequences



 What to do in case of becomming a victim of identity theft

  1. What is identity theft?
  2. What to do if you are a victim of identity theft


 Free computer security tools

  1. Microsoft Security Essentials (antivirus software, lightweight and better than nothing)
  2. Malwarebytes: free antimalware tool. Update it first prior to scanning. Best to run it 2x monthly.
  3. Spybot Search and Destroy: free antimalware tool. Update and run 2x monthly.
  4. CCleaner: free system optimization, privacy and cleaning tool. Run 1x monthly.
  5. Truecrypt: free encryption utility