Getting Started with Technology at Cairn University

Thank you for choosing Cairn University! Below are resources on getting started with technology at Cairn. Please go through them and if you still have questions, contact us at or call (215) 702-4554. Cairn students are granted access to a broad base of technology applications.  As a member of the University community, the student exercises the rights, privileges and responsibilities of conduct that conform to Community Life and Standards and the policies set forth by the University.  Impropriety may result in the curtailment of technology privileges.

Cairn Gmail
Students are provided a Cairn Gmail account. The account must first be activated by going to and clicking on the Student/Alumni Password Change link at the left side of the page. Upon completing the required information, the Cairn Gmail username will be displayed, and the account may then be accessed at Students will use the email username and password for all University cloud applications. Since the University will direct all email correspondence to the Cairn student Gmail account, the student is responsible for maintaining his/her account.

The Learning Management System is provided by the eLearning web application. Instructors may use eLearning in conjunction with traditional classroom instruction. Students may be required to retrieve course material and/or submit assignments via eLearning at  A tutorial along with various detailed guides are available on the front page of eLearning.

Students are provided secure, real-time access to academic and financial information via the Self-Service web application. Access to class schedules, grades, online registration and financial activity are available at

The University Intranet provides information specific to the Cairn community; including announcements, forms, policies, events and more.  It is recommended for students to set as the default browser home page.

Internet Access

Students may access the Internet via the University’s wireless network. Hotspots are located throughout all buildings on the Langhorne Manor Campus.

To activate a wireless connection, be sure the wireless adapter is turned on and connect to the network called Cairn-Internet. Open a web browser and Internet connectivity should be established.

Masland Library Resources
Students are provided access to the online library catalog, course reserves and research databases at  Certain resources will require additional authentication; enter your name and 14-digit barcode as it appears on your student identification card.

University Website
Students are typically familiar with the University website prior to enrollment.  In addition to supporting prospective students, the website provides information and resources for current students.  The University website can be accessed at

University Computers
Students may use University computers that are located in the Email Lounge, the central lounge in Heritage Hall and the Computer Labs in the Masland Library.  Please be mindful of others who may be waiting to use this equipment during peak periods.

Student Print/Copy Allowance
Students are provided a per-term print/copy allowance to assist with academic requirements.  The student’s identification card provides secure access to print/copy jobs, and printing to on-campus equipment may be initiated either in a computer lab or from any location with Internet connectivity.  The Cairn Mobile Print solution allows you to print from any device, from anywhere. If you can attach the document as an attachment to an email, you can print it. Find out more from here.

Technology Awareness
It is important for each student to understand the benefits and hazards of using networked technology.  While the academic application of technology is subjected to numerous safeguards, the social use of technology has the potential for vulnerability.  Students are expected to exercise good judgment in all areas of life, and one must be especially careful when sharing personal information on any system (i.e. Internet) that communicates beyond the immediate, personal computer.

  • Protect your password; use a unique combination of letters and characters. Never give your password to anyone.
  • Protect your social security number and birth date.  Do not provide this information to web sites or in online communication.
  • Protect your computer with a reputable Anti Virus software.
  • Protect your computer by restricting Internet downloads.  Do not install any application that contains a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) architecture.
  • Downloading and distributing copyrighted material is illegal unless express permission is granted by the copyright holder.
  • Backup your data; use a USB flash drive or free online service to safeguard your data.

Emergency Contact Information
Students are encouraged to provide emergency contact information to allow University systems to alert subscribed students in the event of an emergency, school closing or class cancellation.  Student may subscribe at

Technical Support
Technology Services provides support for student computing needs.  If a computer-related issue is encountered, students may either send an email to or call the TS Help Center at (215) 702-4554.  Office hours are daily from 8:00 a.m. through 5:00 p.m.; however, TS personnel are on call 24/7 for urgent technical issues.  Support is provided in the following areas.

  • On-campus & Dormitory wireless connectivity.
  • Issues related to University technology applications; Email, Self-Service, eLearning, Intranet, Internet, Library Resources and the University Website.
  • Diagnostics and recommendations for student-owned computers.

Other Services

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