How do I print or photocopy in the computer labs?

All current students are given $30.00 per semester for copying and/or printing in the computer labs and the Masland Library. Any copying or printing beyond the $30.00 is $0.10 per page. Students can add credit to their account by going to the cashier window in Business Services. Below are some further guideliness on printing and copying:

  • Users need to login to the lab computers with their EagleMail or Cairn login name in order to print/copy. Users are strongly encouraged that they log out after they are done with the computer lab computers.
  • An email will be sent to the user with the balance as soon as a print job is submitted from the computer. Note: This is just a notification. If you do not scan the card to release the print job, the account will not be charged for the print job even though you received the email. Submitted print jobs that are not printed by scanning the card are usually removed after 48 hours of sending it.
  • Once the print job has been submitted, the user needs to scan their Cairn ID card at the scan station to release the print job(s).
  • Balances and the print history can be checked from Note: If you are using your own computer, you will need to put in ad\ prior to your username (i.e. ad\hs213=your Cairn Gmail username)
  • If you get a new card from Student Life, it will take up to 1 hour for that card to get updated in the print/copy system.

If you have any questions, please contact Technology Services.