Update Your Emergency Contact Information

Cairn University has implemented an emergency response strategy to safeguard its community.  One element of this strategy is effective communication to students and employees via email, text messaging and telephone.  Your assistance is needed to assure that information is available for University systems to alert you in the event of an emergency, school closing or class cancellation. Please click the following Intranet link to provide essential information, and you are encouraged to revisit the site periodically to assure that your information remains current.


Things to Note:

  • You must authenticate to the Intranet before the system will allow you to input any information.
  • Parent/Guardian information is directed to the Student population; however, you may choose to identify an emergency contact in these fields. 
  • Before exiting the form, be sure to click on the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page.
  • All information collected will be registered confidentially.

Please direct questions to the Technology Services Help Center at (215) 702-4554 or ts@cairn.edu.

Thank you for your assistance!