Applying for a Social Security Card

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What is a Social Security Card?
A Social Security Card provides a nine digit identification number that allows the government to record and tax wages earned by employees in the US. Without your social security number, you will not receive payment for your work.

F-1 students are eligible to apply for a social security card under the following circumstances:

  • If they have been offered an on-campus job
  • If they have been approved for OPT and received their EAD card (and the validity period of the card has begun)
  • If 10 business days have passed after their arrival in the US in order to allow the Department of Homeland Security adequate time to enter their arrival date for verification purposes

What to bring to the Social Security Office

  • A completed Application for a Social Security Card 
  • An unexpired passport or original birth certificate (if your passport is less than one year old or if you are from a country whose citizens are not required to have a passport in order to enter the US)
  • I-94 Form
  • I-20 Form
  • An official letter from the International Advisor verifying their F-1 status
  • An official letter from the department they will be working in verifying their offer of employment

Where to go to apply for a Social Security Card
You must apply for a Social Security Card in person at any Social Security Office. The closest one to Cairn is:

    The Social Security Office for Fairless Hills
    444 Lincoln Highway
    Fairless Hills, PA 19030
    Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
    Directions from Cairn

Please note it may take up to 14 days (in some cases, longer) for the application to be processed.